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WFTC FFL Transfer Terms & Policies


Wisconsin Firearms Training Center (WFTC) acts as a transfer agent for Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) dealer-to-dealer transfers. WFTC assists customers by receiving firearms ordered from FFL dealers, firearm manufacturers, or firearm importers and delivering these firearms to destination customers.

Every FFL Form must include your name and the make, model, and serial number of the gun being transferred. WFTC will receive the firearms from the seller’s dealer and complete the required paperwork. An FFL license is only valid for the business listed on the FFL and is non-transferable. If WFTC does not have a current FFL on file for the originating dealer, a copy of the dealer FFL must either be provided before the firearm is shipped to WFTC or included with the firearm when shipped.

When WFTC receives the firearm, you will fill out the required Federal Form (4473) and State of Wisconsin Handgun Form (if applicable).

If we receive a firearm on your behalf and you are unable to take possession of the firearm for any reason including but not limited to denial by the Wisconsin Department of Justice or your admission on the Federal Form 4473 or the State of Wisconsin Handgun Form, you are responsible for the transfer fee and any shipping charges incurred to ship the firearm back to the originating dealer. If shipping arrangements are not made within thirty (30) days, the firearm becomes the property of WFTC.

The FFL Transfer Fee is NOT refundable, even if your background check is denied.

WFTC cannot be held liable for the condition of the firearm upon arrival. Any warranties implied or expressed are solely between you and the originating dealer.

Any exceptions to the above agreements must be agreed upon in advance and may incur additional fees. WFTC reserves the right to cancel any FFL transfer transactions at any time for any reason.

FFL Transfer Fees

Fee Activity
$65 per transfer Handgun or long gun transfer
$10 per gun Additional handgun or long gun (with same transfer transaction)
$12 State of Wisconsin Handgun Background Check (if applicable)
$10 Firearms received without prior information


An FFL dealer ships both a handgun and a rifle to WFTC and includes a copy of their FFL with the shipped guns

  $65 Handgun
+ $10 Rifle
+ $12 State of Wisconsin Handgun Background Check
= $87 Total transfer fee

Customer FFL Transfer Form

This form must be filled out and either mailed, emailed, or dropped off at WFTC prior to delivery of the transferred firearm. Email form to FFL@wifirearms.com.

customer contact information
dealer contact information
firearm description

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