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Enhance your skills while decisively engaging threat targets using your modern sporting AR-style rifle in close-quarter settings. You`ll encounter threat-no-threat scenarios and exercise decision-making skills needed to use the AR rifle for personal and home defense.

You`ll also build safe handling skills, accuracy, and confidence while learning safe loading and unloading procedures, ammunition selection and management, defensive marksmanship, spare magazine carry, use of cover and concealment, reloading, and malfunction management. We’ll discuss use of force decision-making, legal considerations, home storage, accessories, care and cleaning, and more. Bring your own semi-auto modern sporting rifle with iron sights or low magnification optical sight, a sling, and three rifle magazines.

Prerequisite: WFTC Modern Sporting Rifle Fundamentals or significant familiarity with loading, unloading, and shooting the rifle with accuracy. This is a fast-paced course. Rifle should be zeroed with optics of choice prior to attending this course (minimal time is allotted for shooter to confirm zero prior to shooting scenarios)

Required Equipment
AR-based carbine in .223, 5.56, .300 Blackout, 7.62x51, .308 Win calibers.
Three (3) or more magazines for your carbine
Sling on the carbine
Single point, three point, or two point slings that allow cross body use of the sling.  Call if you would like further information.
Eye & hearing protection
Billed cap recommended
Ammunition: 250-300 rounds of ammunition for your carbine

WFTC does not permit use of steel core, steel jacketed, or bi-metal jacketed ammunition on the range.  Please call if you have questions regarding your ammunition.

4 Hours

All class fees are NON REFUNDABLE. 

If you need to reschedule your class date, please call 262.226.2900 or email the WFTC Training staff at as soon as possible. We require 48 hours advanced notice to reschedule.

This class is offered on the following dates:

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